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Fenix 2200 lumens bike light

The BC30 version 2 model from Fenix uses two Luminus SST-40-N5 LED bulbs that emit 2200 lumens of bright light, powered by 2 x rechargeable 18650 batteries, or 4 x disposable CR123A batteries, which is included in the box. For longer night rides, you can bring as many recharged spare batteries as needed. The BC30 also comes with a remote push-button that’s attached next to your hand, letting you activate the instant burst mode quickly and without moving your hand, this mode is for alerting cars about your presence. Very useful feature if you bike in traffic on dark roads. Quick-release mount makes it easy to attach and detach the bike light from the handlebar. Due to its thin rectangular shape, you can also use the BC30 bike light as a flashlight if you need one, bright, and easy to carry along in your pocket or backpack. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Fenix BC30 2200 lumens bike light

Video demonstration of the BC30 bike light from Fenix

Here is a video from Fenix showing how the BC30 operates, as well as how to operate the remote switch button that lets you toggle between the various brightness settings, or activate the burst mode mentioned in the section above. A battery for the remote switch is included in the box, plus some spare accessories


Product summary with the latest price and store page link

Great bike light that runs on removable batteries, letting you bring spare ones and quickly replace them if needed. This bundle does however not include either 18650 batteries or a battery charger, so unless you are already equipped with that, it needs to be bought separately. If that is too much hassle, take a look at the best bike lights list for other alternatives that includes everything you need to get started night biking

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