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Imalent MS18 100.000 lumens

Currently, the brightest flashlight in the world is the Imalent MS18 with its 100.000 lumens. This beast uses 18 Cree XHP70 2nd LED bulbs powered by a built-in battery pack consisting of 8 21700 batteries. Recharging the flashlight is done with the included charging cable. One battery pack is included in the box, extra battery packs can be ordered online if you need to use the flashlight for a long time. The Imalent got both range and floodlight, with a throw distance of up to 1350 meters / 4429 foot, illuminating everything around and in front of you. When running on max output, it’s 50 times brighter than car headlights, no wonder this torch is on top of the brightest flashlights list. There are 8 different brightness settings to toggle between, from 700 lumens to 100.000, plus a strobe function. Now, all this brightness comes with a price, the flashlight is huge and noisy. You can’t exactly fit this in your pocket, and to prevent it from overheating, a fan activates that makes a loud buzzing noise. Is this a handy everyday carry flashlight? Far from.. Is it like the coolest thing ever you can buy and show off to your friends, YES. If you got over 600 bucks to spare.. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Brightest flashlight in the worldThe brightest flashlight is currently the Imalent MS18 with its maximum output of 100.000 bright lumens

Video of the Imalent MS18 100.000 lumen torch in use

Here you can see some Magyar guys testing out the Imalent MS18 and comparing it to the headlights of a car. That is some extremely bright light it outputs, here you can also hear the buzzing from the fan that activates on the higher output settings. The cooling fan activates when running on 22K lumens and above


ImalentMS18 summary with the latest price and store link

If you are looking for a bright handy flashlight that’s easy to carry with you on hikes and other adventures, this is probably not for you since it’s quite big. If you have a pile of cash to spare and want to add the brightest flashlight in the world to your collection, or just have some fun lighting up the whole neighborhood, then this is for you. It does have its uses thou, for example, farmers can light up their whole fields to see how the livestock is doing. Or if you are involved in search and rescue, the settings between 22.000 and 100.000 will work out great as it floods the area with light, having a very long throw distance at the same time

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