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Lighting Ever 1000 lumen light

This is a rechargeable combination of flashlight and camping lantern, with a maximum output of 1000 bright lumens. The front spotlight acts as a flashlight, giving the 1000 lumens output, while a big LED side panel is used as a lantern, giving 300 lumens of light. Hooks both at the top and the bottom allows for hanging it in the ceiling or tent roof. The lantern is powered by a built-in 3600 mAh battery pack that also serves as a power bank, so you can charge phones and other gadgets with it too. Multiple brightness modes to toggle between, from 70 to 1000 lumens, along with a red flashing on the side panel for getting attention in emergencies. The Lighting Ever 1000 lumens lantern is IPX4 graded, meaning it is resistant to water splashes from every direction, so it can be used on rainy days too, just don’t try to use it underwater. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the Amazon store

Lighting Ever 1000 lumens lantern

Video of the Lighting Ever 1000 lumens camping lantern

Here is a video of the camping lantern with more specifications and footage of it in use. There is also a second lantern from Lighting Ever in this video, but from 6 minutes and beyond, the one in this post is in focus. Here you can also see the red emergency light in use, which can be of great use in case you are involved in a car accident. Smart rechargeable lantern to keep in the car trunk in case of emergencies


Lighting Ever summary with price and store page link

Multi-purpose light that serves as both camping lantern, flashlight, and emergency use, all at a silly low price. The front light is powered by a Cree XML T6 LED bulb giving an output of 1000 lumens, while the side panel gives 300 lumens. Very popular lantern with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 7000 verified buyers

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