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Chargers for flashlight batteries

If you have a flashlight or any other light source that runs on rechargeable batteries, you might need a battery charger as well. Most flashlights, bike lights, and headlamps run on rechargeable batteries that can either be charged inside the light source, or taken out and charged in a battery charger. Even if your product is chargeable with a USB cable that usually comes with the product, having extra batteries with you always comes in handy if you embark on longer journeys. Below are some battery chargers that should cover your needs, but always make sure that the charger is capable of charging your battery type. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Flashlight battery chargers

General info about rechargeable battery chargers

Battery chargers should only be used with rechargeable batteries, do not try to charge disposable batteries in them. Doing so may cause the batteries to build up pressure and rupture the battery, causing it to leak black goo, or even explode. Make sure that your batteries are rechargeable before you use them in any charger. Now that the safety warning is out of the way, when you look at the product specifications you might see a lot of confusing numbers, like 18650, 22500, 14430, and so on, these are actually the physical sizes of the batteries. So a 18650 battery is 18 mm x 65 mm, a 26500 battery is 26 mm x 50 mm, etc. The most common battery sizes are 18650 and 21700. See the flashlight battery types article for more examples and pictures of various batteries. The chargers on this page can handle different battery sizes, a spring at the bottom pushes the smaller batteries up. Just make sure your battery type is in the supported sizes list, if it’s odd-sized

AmzFei: 10 bay battery charger for 18650 and other sizes

This charger got slots for 10 batteries of the type 18650 and various other sizes. This one does not however support 21700 batteries, which the brightest flashlights usually use. But if 18650 batteries or any other one on the supported list is the type you use, this charger will come in handy if you need to recharge a lot of batteries at once. The next two alternatives on the list, the 8 and 4 bay chargers do support 21700

MiBoxer: 8 bay charger for the most common battery types

This 8 bay charger from MiBoxer supports both of the two most common flashlight battery types, the standard 18650 and the larger and more powerful 21700, as well as most other batteries. The 21700 batteries are mostly used in bright flashlights, while the 18650 is used for a variety of other products than flashlights too. Detailed LCD screen let’s you see how the charging progress is coming along. Great choice if you often charge lots of batteries of various types. If not, you can proceed to the 4 bay charger below

Nitecore: 4 bay charger for the most common battery types

This is a great choice if you don’t need to do much charging all the time. I have this one myself that I use for my 18650 batteries, usually I only recharge 2 at the same time, but some times I run out of juice on all 4 backup batteries, so then it’s nice to have a quad charger. The batteries are recharged quickly and the LCD displays show the current power level of the batteries. This charger also supports 21700 size batteries, as well as a pile of other battery types, including the common AA-AAAA ones, as long as they are rechargeable¬†

Snado: 2 bay charger for 18650 and other battery types

The last one on the recommended battery chargers list is the 2 bay charger from Snado. If you only have one or two 18650 batteries and don’t need to recharge them often, this one should be enough for your use and it won’t take up as much room as the other chargers above. This one does not support 21700 batteries thou, 18650 is the largest supported size, so if you need support for that, check out the 4 and 8 bay chargers