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Best bike lights for 2022 top 10

These are the 10 best bike lights that you can enhance your bicycle with, for maximum illumination while out biking in the dark. These are also the brightest bike lights available at the moment, and every product has high user ratings and positive feedbacks from verified buyers so that you can be sure that what you order is of high quality. Please note that these are very bright lights, so running them at maximum lumen output while biking on roads with oncoming cars will blend them. If you are just looking for a simple light to notify cars about your presence, any cheap light from a sports store will do the trick, however, if you are looking for bicycle lights with ultimate brightness that outperforms car headlights by far, keep on reading. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Best bike lights

Detailed product information for the best bike lights

Following are more details and specifications for the items from the best bike lights list above, with updated prices and links to the sites where you can buy the products. Every light here has positive feedback and high user ratings from verified buyers, so you can rest assured that what you order is high quality and no cheap knockoffs. The items below are ranked by the brightest bike lights first because I think we can all agree that biking in the dark is much more fun when you have something that floods the way ahead with light


CyclePartner Discovery: 3000 super bright lumens

The brightest bike light is the CyclePartner Discovery which gives a lumen output of 3000. Rechargeable light with a good combination of spot and floodlights that comes with a remote control attachable near your hand, so you don’t need to take your hand off the handlebar in order to adjust the brightness settings. A universal helmet mount is included in the box, in case you want this extremely bright bike light on your head instead

NiteRider Pro 2200: Second brightest bike light on the list

The second brightest bike light is the NiteRider Pro 2200. 3 Cree bulbs give this dust and water-resistant light a maximum lumen output of 2200, with 4 different brightness modes and 4 flashing modes for getting attention while in traffic. This light is using a battery casing that’s attached to the bike frame, giving it a long runtime. You can run it on the maximum brightness setting for 1.5 hours, and a lot longer on lower settings

Fenix BC30: Dual LED bike light with 2200 lumen outout

The third brightest bike light is from the flashlight manufacturer Fenix, who’m I’ve owned multiple high-lumen flashlights from. This is the upgraded version of their BC30 bike light that gave 1800 lumens, in version 2 they have squeezed in 400 more lumens. The light is powered by two rechargeable 18650 batteries, included in the box are 4 CR123A disposable batteries for emergency use, in case you run out of power in the night

Seca Race: 2000 lumen bicycle light with spot and flood

Light up the forest or the path ahead with this 6 Cree LED light that has both spot and floodlights, with a lumen output of 2000 at the highest setting. Maximum runtime on this bike light is 1.5 hours while having it at max output and up to 12 hours on lower settings. The big win on this one is the wide floodlight that lights up the entire area in front of you and on the sides. The cable from the light to the battery is somewhat long thou, but that can be rolled around the frame to keep it from getting in the way while you are out biking

SoonFire FD38S: 1870 lumen waterproof durable light

Rechargeable bike light with a 1870 lumen output made for tough conditions, like terrain and mountain biking. The light is powered by 2 x 18650 rechargeable batteries, which can either easily be recharged while in the lamp, or taken out and placed in a battery charger. If you have extra 18650 batteries you can keep some with you for the longer bike trips and quickly replace them when needed. 2 batteries are included

Nitecore BR35: Rechargeable dual light with 1800 lumen

From the flashlight manufacturer Nitecore comes this bike light with two LED bulbs giving a combined lumen output of 1800. The larger one on the top is for far illumination, while the smaller one below is for lighting up the area around you in front and to the sides. This light also has a small remote control button that can be attached to the handlebar near your hand so that you safely can operate it without having to move your hand over to the light itself. Powered by a built-in 6800 mAh battery, easy to charge with the included USB cable

NiteRider Pro 1400: Cree LED bike light with 1400 lumen

Another bright quality bicycle light from NiteRider. This one has 1400 verified lumens to illuminate the path ahead while biking in the dark, with 5 different brightness settings and 3 flashing modes for attention while biking in traffic. The NiteRider is powered by a battery pack that is attached to the bike, giving a long runtime of around 2 hours on the brightest setting and 4 hours at 850 lumen. Water and dust resistant, so you can use it in any weather in any conditions. Great reviews with 4.6 out of 5 from over 100 verified buyers

Cygolite Ranger: Sharp quality light for biking in the dark

Further down on the best bicycle lights list we find this 1400 lumen light from Cygolite Ranger. Shaped like a flashlight and easy to attach and detach from the mount, so you can use it as a flashlight as well should you stumble upon something to investigate in the dark. There are 4 brightness settings to choose from, ranging from 300 lumens to the maximum at 1400, along with pulsating modes. The runtime is 1 hour and 15 mins at max output and 9 hours on low. Micro USB charging cable is included, along with the handlebar mount

CatEye Two Pack: Handlebar and helmet bicycle lights

This bundle contains two lights from CatEye, one for the handlebar and the other one for the helmet. The main one meant for the handlebar has an output of 1100 bright lumens, while the helmet light has 800. This dual light combination is great if you are into mountain or forest biking, as you will be able to light up the path both in front of you, and wherever your head is pointed. Both lights have 3 different brightness settings and two blinking modes for attention. These lights are waterproof, so suitable for any weather conditions

Light and Motion: 1000 bright lumens for night biking

Impact-resistant and waterproof bicycle light with a lumen output of 1000 at the highest setting, with a runtime of 1.5 hours. Other brightness settings are medium with 500 lumens and 3 hours runtime and low with 250 lumens and 6 hours runtime, there is also a pulsating mode for when biking in traffic to alert traffic about your presence. Included in the box is the light, obviously, handlebar mount, universal helmet mount, GoPro mount, and a USB cable for recharging. The LED bulb is a Cree, which is the best on the market