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Best flashlights for 2022 top 10

The top 10 list of the most supreme torches for 2022, with current prices and links to the store pages. These items are only from trusted flashlight manufacturers, such as Fenix, Imalent, NiteCore, and more. You won’t find any cheap 10 dollar flashlights that promise 100.000 lumens here, what you pay is what you get. When you buy from these producers, you know you get bang for your bucks. If you just want the most powerful flashlights in the world, see the brightest flashlights list. The torches here are carefully selected from a variety of criteria, like durability, materials, value for your money, and of course the brightness. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Best flashlights

Detailed product information for the best flashlights

Here are more details and product specifications for the items from the top 10 list above, with current prices and links to the store pages where you can safely purchase the flashlights. These items have high ratings and positive reviews from hundreds of verified buyers, all with warranties and top-notch customer support. These torches are mostly in the medium range when it comes to size and brightness, with a few exceptions. We also have other sections on the site, where you can find flashlights in other more specific categories as well

Imalent MS18: The brightest flashlight with 100K lumen

This insanely powerful flashlight belongs more in the brightest flashlights toplist than here, but since it’s, in fact, the brightest flashlight in the world, it deserves to be here as well. Do you really need a 100K lumen flashlight? No, do you want one? Yes. This is not something you can just put in your pocket, it is HUGE, nor is it silent, because it’s got a noisy built-in fan to prevent it from overheating. It’s also very expensive, but did I mention it’s got a 100K lumen output? If you want a portable sun, this one belongs in your collection

ThruNite TN36: Floodlight with an output of 11.000 lumen

Compact soda-can shaped torch for flooding the area around you with shining bright light. Throw distance is 386 yards which make this suited for both searching and hiking in the dark, and anything in-between. The TrueNite TN36 has 5 different output modes, from a mere 3 lumens and up to 11.000, which should make it bright enough for all your needs. Batteries and a battery charger is included when you order this item

AceBeam X45: 16.500 lumen torch powered by 4 Cree’s

This badboy is powered by 4 Cree XHP70.2 6500K LED bulbs, giving it a maximum output of  16.500 super bright lumens, with a throw distance of 583 meters / 637 yards, which is more than enough to chase the night away. It’s running on 4 batteries of the type 18650 3000 mAh rechargeable batteries, which are included in the box. A rating of 4.4 out of 5 makes this a safe buy, fair price for that amount of lumen too

Fenix LR40R: 12.000 lumen 18 bulb rechargable torch

Searchlight with a high lumen output that floods the area with light, with a throw distance of up to 773 meters / 845 yards. This torch uses 1 x Cree XP-L hi surrounded by 18 Cree XP-G3 bulbs. This flashlight is powered by an ARB-L37-12000 battery pack, which consists of 4 batteries. Easy charging with a USB C cable that is included in the box, along with a holster and some spare components. Rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars

NiteCore TM10K Tiny Monster: Compact bright flashlight

If you are looking for something compact, yet super bright, then the NiteCore Tiny Monster torch is a good choice. Easy to carry, fits in your pockets, can be clipped on to your belt,  and it doesn’t take up much room in the backpack or glove department. The Tiny Monster is powered by a 21700 4800 mAh battery that’s quickly charged with a USB C cable, both included in the package along with a holster and belt clip

Imalent RT90: Long-range torch with a 4800 lumen output

This flashlight uses a LUMINUS SBT-90.2nd LED bulb with a 50.000 hours life-span, giving a maximum output of ultra-bright 4800 lumens with a beam distance of 1308 meters / 1430 yards. Quite small and compact flashlight that fits nicely in your hand, with a knurled anti-slip grip. Powered by 4 x 18500 1700 mAh batteries that are included along with a holster, lanyard, and charging cable. A 5-year warranty makes this a safe buy

AceBeam K75: 6300 lumen flashlight with a long throw

This is the flashlight with the longest throw distance in this list, the AceBeam K75 features a beam distance of crazy 2500 meters / 2734 yards, which probably is longer than you can even see. If you are involved in search and rescue, this flashlight should be part of your gear. Powered by a LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 bulb and 4 x 18650 3100 mAh batteries. This is a bundle where the batteries are included, as well as a recharger

Wurkkos: 5500 lumen torch that doesn’t break the bank

This is a great choice if you want something that isn’t too expensive, yet is durable and packs a punch. This Wurkkos flashlight is powered by a single Cree XHP70.2 bulb that outputs a maximum of 5500 lumens on the turbo mode, with a throw distance of 685 meters / 750 yards. Included in this bundle are 2 x 26650 batteries, a battery charger, and a lanyard for carrying. This torch could be worth checking out if you are on a budget

Imalent MS03: 13.000 lumens with 3 Cree XHP70 bulbs

Small handy flashlight from Imalent with 3 Cree XHP70 bulbs giving a maximum output of 13.000 super bright lumens, which is a lot for a torch of this size. The MS03 runs on a 21700 4000 mAh battery that is included, along with a USB C charging cable. With its size of just under 4.5 inches, it fits in your pockets without taking up much space, also great to keep in the glove department of the car for emergency use. 6 lumen output modes, as well as a strobe function to draw attention, should you ever need it. The throw distance is decent too, 324 meters / 350 yards, with a wide beam that floods the area with bright light

Nitecore TM9K: Quick charge 9500 lumen LED flashlight

Highly popular flashlight from Nitecore with a rating of 4.4 out of 5, that emits a maximum output of 9500 lumens. This torch comes with a charging cable, holster, and a clip so you can attach it your belt or pockets. The TM9K is under 5 inches long and lightweight, so you can keep it in your pocket without it getting in the way while moving around. 4 different lumen output modes, with a turbo mode for max lumen output