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PowerSmith 15000 lumens work light

Super bright work light with a 15000 lumens output, the PowerSmith PWL2150TS is a dual-headed LED lamp with a lifespan …

NextLED 10000 lumens work light

Super bright work light from NextLED with a lumen output of 10.000 casts in a 120-degree floodlight that reduces glare …

MustWin 6000 lumens work light

The MustWin 60W work light use 112 LED bulbs that emits 6000 lumens of bright light. Dimmable between 100% and …

Olafus 50W 5000 lumens work light

The Olafus 50W corded work light emits 5000 bright lumens from 60 LED bulbs. Flip a switch and reduce the …

Glorious Lite 5000 lumens work light

Highly popular work light with a 5000 bright lumens output to illuminate any workplace. Equivalent to a 400W halogen bulb, …

Honeywell 3000 lumens work light

Honeywell work light with 3000 super bright lumens emitted from 56 LED bulbs. Easy to carry and deploy, with knobs …

Sonee 1600 lumens work light

Super bright 1600 lumens work light that runs on rechargeable 18650 batteries. Easy to carry and operate, perfect for working …

Sinlesi 1500 lumens work lights

This pack has 2 1500 lumens rechargeable work lights that run on 1850 batteries or disposable AA batteries. Bright light …

AdamStar 750 lumens work lights

Handy 750 lumens work lights from AdamStar with a magnetic base that attaches to the hood of the car, perfect …


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