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Seca Race 2000 bright lumens

The Seca Race model from the manufacturer Light and Motion has a lumen output of 2000 on the highest setting. Other brightness outputs are medium with 1000 lumens and low with 500 lumens. Even on the highest setting, you get a runtime of 90 minutes with super bright light to illuminate the area around you. Reducing to 1000 is far more than enough brightness for most cases, giving a runtime of 3 hours, while the low setting of 500 lumens lasts 6 hours. If you need even longer runtimes, additional battery packs can be ordered and used as backups. There is also a safepulse mode for alerting motorists about your presence, handy while biking in traffic. Great product that made its way to the 10 best bike lights list. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Seca Race 2000 lumens bike light

Video demonstration of the Seca Race high and low modes

Here is a video of the low and high brightness modes of the bike light, being 500 and 2000 lumens. Skip to the last part of the video to jump straight to the 2000 lumens mode. As you can see here, running it on the highest mode is brighter than a car headlight. I doubt the oncoming traffic was very happy with that thou


Product summary with the latest price and store page link

The Seca Race 2000 is one of the best alternatives for bike lights, due to its high lumen output and long runtimes. The ability to replace the battery pack with a spare one is also a big plus. Impact-resistant to 1 meter falls and waterproof, you can safely use the light in any kind of weather conditions. Multiple LED bulbs giving the Seca a floodlight with a long throw distance, letting you see everything that goes on in front and on the sides. Easy to operate with just one button, click to toggle between the various brightness modes


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