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Light and Motion 1000 lumens

This handy bike light from the manufacturer Light and Motion has brightness settings ranging from 250 and up to 1000 bright lumens, using a Cree LED bulb and an integrated battery that is rechargeable with the included micro USB cable. Runtimes on the 3 different brightness settings are 1.5 hours on 1000 lumens, 3 hours on 500 lumens, and 6 hours on 250 lumens. There is also a pulse mode that operates on 500 lumens, for getting attention while biking on roads with traffic. The bike light can also be used as a helmet light, included in the box are a universal helmet mount, GoPro mount, and of course the handlebar mount. Waterproof and able to withstand repeated drops on concrete from 1-meter height, making the Light and Motion bike light suitable for all weathers and conditions. Comes with a 2-year warranty as well. Disclaimer: LumenFreaks is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon

Light and Motion 1000 lumens bike light

Video review of the Light and Motion Vis Pro bike light

Here you can see the bike light in use, along with some technical specifications. This review is of the trail version, but it’s the same light except for the colors. If you would rather have this white one, you will find a link to that too on the store page. Note that the black one is a tad cheaper than the white trail version

Pro Vis 1000 summary with price and store page link

Great bike light that made it to our top 10 bike lights list due to its brightness and durability. The ability to mount it on a helmet is also a plus. The only drawback here is that you can’t take out the battery and insert backup batteries for longer bike trips. But using it on 500 lumens will still be bright enough, giving a runtime of around 3 hours which should probably be sufficient enough for most bike rides in the late hours

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